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Our Medical Team

Dr. Fabricio Alarcon, M.D. and dietary consultant Jennifer Morelli are the Healthy Outcomes medical team that will assess your current health and body composition by using the most recent advances in medical and nutritional research.  Their combined medical and dietitian-nutrition expertise provide you with a unique approach to losing weight safely and maintaining a healthier you.

Fabricio Alarcon, M.D

Board Certified in Obesity/Bariatric Medicine
Board Certified in Internal Medicine

With more than 12 years treating patients with medical conditions that were directly related to being over weight –– conditions such as such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and more –– Dr. Alarcon became intent on treating the cause of his patients’ ailments.  Dr Alarcon’s main area of interest is related to the biochemichal, hormonal, and neurochemical reactions that occur after we consume food, which ultimately control appetite, metabolism, and food intake. Extensive education and knowledge of these principles form the basis for the Healthy Outcomes individualized scientific-approach to weight loss and maintenance.

While Dr. Alarcon continues his primary care practice in the state of Delaware, he now specializes in bariatric medicine having ranked in the nation's top 10% for his bariatric medicine board exam. As he continues applying the latest advances in bariatric medicine, Dr. Alarcon is passionate about helping other primary care physicians treat obesity so that their patients too can become healthier for life.


Jennifer Morelli

Jennifer Morelli

As a dietary and behavioral consultant, Jennifer Morelli is your professional advisor on how to follow your personalized plan –– from what to eat, when to eat, and knowing what you are eating.  By monitoring your results and through consultation with Dr. Alarcon, she is medically in tuned to coach you through every phase of your individualized weight loss and maintenance plan to help keep you on track safely. This unique combination of medical and dietitian expertise provide you with an approach to losing weight safely for an overall healthy outcome for life.

A former restaurant owner, Jennifer has always loved meal preparation and the different nutritional values that go into her dishes. As part of the Healthy Outcomes team, she combines her expertise as a dietary consultant and her experience in cooking to work directly with patients to assess and analyze their nutritional needs and then build a personalized meal plan that takes the weight off and keeps it off. 

She is dedicated to educating and motivating patients so that they can overcome what may have been a struggle in the past to a new reality that prioritizes nutrition and physical activity as the healthy outcome choice for life.

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