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Our Approach

A scientific medical approach

For most people struggling with excess pounds, the obvious solution is to simply eat less. Of course, nothing good can come out of that approach. This is just an example of how using the wrong weight loss approach can lead to lack of success.

One of the bad consequences of multiple weight loss attempts (“yo-yo dieting”) is that it makes it more and more difficult the next time. Every time we lose weight, we not only lose fat, but also lean tissue (such as muscle). Unfortunately, when we regain the weight, it is mostly fat. Also, if the diet plan you used was not properly designed to preserve lean body mass, the muscle loss can be even more substantial.

The fact is that we need as much lean body mass (muscle) to be able to burn calories and have a healthy and strong metabolism. Adequate nutritional composition of meals can maximize results and at the same time provide safety and lean body protection.

Personalized Plans

Let us design a plan that works for you

Not all people can do the same diet. The dietary composition needs to be different depending on age, activity level, gender, and the presence of other medical problems, such as diabetes, hypertension, high lipids, gout, kidney disease, food allergies, diverticulitis, kidney stones, gallstones, liver disease, among others. If the wrong diet is used in the presence of some of these circumstances, it can lead to serious and potentially dangerous side effects.

In addition, problems like cravings, food addiction, eating beyond satiety, and excessive appetite have a neurochemical (controlled by brain chemicals) basis that can also be manipulated with proper dietary changes and certain supplements.

How It Works

A healthy outcome for life

The benefits of our approach can be summarized by saying that the weight management recommendations we give to our patients:

  • Have extensive research to support them
  • Use a scientific medical approach
  • Have proven efficacy
  • Take into consideration individual metabolism
  • Take into consideration any medical conditions that you have
  • Assess use of medications that can affect weight
  • Attack the problem from many different angles, not just a diet

FAQs about the Healthy Outcomes program

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