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What makes Healthy Outcomes unique?

The Healthy Outcomes approach uses only medically approved weight loss treatments.  A  bariatric physician performs a complete evaluation prior to starting a program, monitors your progress and adjusts your plan accordingly. Each plan is individualized to your own profile, based on age, gender, metabolism, activity level, medical conditions, and medications you are using to make it not just effective, but safe.

In addition, a comprehensive assessment of your own individual metabolism is performed by blood laboratory tests. This will provide further assistance in selecting the right plan/approach for you.

All our recommendations are supported by extensive medical research. Dietary plans, meal replacements, nutritional supplements, and weight loss medications are used only if proven safe and effective and deemed appropriate for your own metabolic/medical profile.

We monitor you for as long as you need our help. It is important to work together for long-term results. It is not just the initial weight loss what matters, but the long-term weight maintenance too.

Our program is comprehensive. We offer many different strategies to help your effort, including:

  • body composition analysis
  • a progressive diet plan
  • close monitoring and follow up
  • exercise component with a physical therapy evaluation for safe exercise techniques
  • membership to local gyms
  • food diaries
  • on-line tools to track food intake and calories
  • personal and individualized behavioral counseling
  • meal replacements and nutritional supplements (if needed)
  • weight loss prescription medications (if indicated), etc.
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